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Move In and Move Out Cleaning in Long Beach


If you’re a homeowner or renter about to move-out of you’re existing residence wanting to leave the place tidy for the next guests, or maybe you’re getting ready to move in to your new home or apartment and want to make sure you’ve got a fresh start in terms of cleanliness, Lincoln Maids has you covered! We offer specialized move in and move out packages for your house cleaning in Long Beach.


Move Out Cleaning For Your Home in Long Beach, CA

long beach move out and move in cleans

The decor and dishes are boxed up, the furniture’s been removed, the rooms are empty, and you’re one step away from moving out – but what’s left to do? If you’re a renter, most house and apartment rental agreements have a requirement that some type of cleaning be performed upon moving out. At the very least these require a broom cleaning, however others may contain a checklist that must be worked through thoroughly.

Maybe you’re a landlord or you owned the residence you’re leaving, why not leave a good impression for the next tenants and make a good impression – after all, you’d likely want to same done for you!

Our comprehensive move out cleanings contain just about every item you’d find on a standard rental moving checklist. Some of the items you’ll find included in our move out packages are:

  • Dusting
  • Kitchen Appliance Cleaning
  • Window Tracks Cleaned
  • Wiping of Sinks and Countertops
  • Toilet, Tub, Shower Scrubbing
  • Wipe down Baseboards
  • Sweeping and Vacuuming Of All Floors

Long Beach Move In House Cleaners


Moving into a new house or apartment can be a very exciting time. Everyone loves a fresh start and a clean palate to decorate and customize to match their individual style and tastes, all so you can make your house or apartment feel like home. Get off to the perfect start by having a clean slate to work with, literally! With a move in cleaning from Lincoln Maids, you’ll have assurance that every nook and cranny of your new residence is cleaned of anything leftover from the previous tenant or owner.

Not only will you have less work for yourself upon moving in, after all – hauling in furniture and boxes of personal belongings is hard work – but you’ll have the peace of mind that your new place has been scrubbed, vacuumed, and wiped down from top to bottom.



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